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  • Manufacturer of Mechanical Seals for Centrifugal Pumps, Agitators and Rotary Equipments

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Mechanical seal now a days, considered as one of the major technological tool in the chemical process industries used to arrest leakage caused by rotary equipments like Centrifugal pumps, Compressors, Agitaors of pressure vessels etc. Mechanical seals are proven cost efficient over its old rival traditional gland packing. Gland packing works on the principle of controlled leakage whereas use of mechanical seal eliminates total visible leakage. Thus it is clean, hazard free and eco friendly.

The initial installation of a Mechanical Seals is costlier in comparison to gland packing, however looking at the limitations of the gland packing like wastage of costly fluid, frequent replacement of parts like sleeve, shaft and glang packing due to erosion caused thereof, the power consumption and labour charges overweigh the initial cost of Mechanical seal.

Mechanical seals, therefore are in great demand to seal hazardous, toxic and highly inflammable fluid like acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons and fluid working at higher pressure and temperature.

Micron engineers, an ISO 9001:2000 Company with a team of young, energetic and entusiastic engineers engaged in the field of design, manufacture and supply of Mechanical seal since more then a decade in the region of highly industrialized zone of Vadodara to cater to the needs of various industries like Oil, Ferilizer, Petrochemicals, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, Dairy etc.

Micron has a track record to cater the Mechanical seal in earliest possible time to avoid shut down and to minimize the down time in continuous process plants by offering its quality producct. The mechanical seaals are manufactured from the materials supplied by the world's top most renowned manufacturer to achieve global quality standards.

Mechanical seals after being manufactured pass through various strict quality control parameters to withstand highly critical service conditions and to match with international quality.

Micron offers a wide range of mechanical seals to cover almost all critical and non-critical services incuding high pressure and temperature applications for centrifugal pumps, compressors, pressure vessel agitators, etc. to cater to all different tpes of rotary equipments.

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Manufacturer of Mechanical Seals for Centrifugal Pumps, Agitators and Rotary Equipments

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Micron Engineers, Vadodara


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